In recent years, the global pharmaceutical intermediate industry has developed rapidly, and the industry has continued to shift to China, which has promoted the rapid development of my country's pharmaceutical intermediate industry. At present, the basic chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates required for my country's pharmaceutical production are basically self-sufficient, and only a few high-end Intermediates need to rely on imports. At the same time, my country has become a major exporter of pharmaceutical intermediates in the world. Generally speaking, the supply capacity of pharmaceutical intermediates in my country has been continuously improved.

Looking forward to the future, as the world's largest production and export region of pharmaceutical intermediates, my country not only benefits from the development of the domestic pharmaceutical market, but also benefits from the development of the global pharmaceutical market. The market size of pharmaceutical intermediates will continue to expand, and the impact of the global new crown epidemic in 2022 will continue. On the one hand, the demand for new crown vaccine production is large, and on the other hand, the market demand for related drugs will also increase, which will drive my country's pharmaceutical industry. Growth in the market size of intermediates.

Post time: Mar-17-2022